Brenda Hounshell Artist

The Watercolor Process

In 2010 I made a decision to return to doing artwork after finishing my career years. My challenge was deciding the path to take for the work I wanted to pursue. After taking a local watercolor class it became clear that the challenge of the medium of watercolor was going to be my choice.

Who puts water on paper on purpose? It seems counterintuitive but as soon as the artist realizes the beauty of transparent watercolor washes it is easy to get hooked. On each painting I learn something about the subject matter, tools and materials being used and the paints themselves.

More than just learning the painting process and techniques, the calming and healing properties of the creative process started to become clear.

As I practiced, took classes and explored the medium I realized painting offered more than a creative outlet. Whether choosing a subject, deciding on colors or the actual act of painting, I found myself more and more at peace while doing the work. At the end of a difficult day I would put everything aside and just focus on the current painting on my work surface. In a matter of minutes, I was calm, contented and filled with a joy I still have difficulty trying to describe.

Whether we choose music, gardening, cooking, baking, knitting or any of the many choices for creative outlets, we should indulge ourselves to pursue these treasured moments. Life is too short not to give ourselves the gift of time to create something beautiful to enrich our lives and to share with others. In doing so, perhaps we help them to somewhat calm and heal themselves as well.